Thursday, November 5, 2015

Foodie Warsaw

I'm finding my way here with what I think is noteworthy about a place I love- Warsaw is complicated.  It's old and new, it's fashion and food and traditions. 

There are so many big cities that all feel a bit the same.  Warsaw is always changing and becoming something new so it never bores me to be here.

Here are some of my favorite places to eat and drink in Warsaw:

Winestone in the Hotel Mercure Warszawa Grand.  A great little wine bar and café.  My first visit to Poland the only wine I could find was Hungarian or Georgian.  Now there is French, Australian and California wine available.  This café even has a Sommelier.  Pretty impressive change in 12 years!  If you are hungry try the Angus Filet with Fries and Blue Cheese dipping sauce.  They also have a very impressive selection of Vodka- of course!  would you expect anything else?
Blikle Café and Bakery on Nowy Swiat; since 1869 this chocolatier has been in business.  They were forced to close during WWII but have been continuous ever since.  Try the Hot Chocolate, Hot Wine, Potato Pancakes or a slice of cake.  Everything is excellent.

LaVanille Cupcakes, incredible Black Currant Cupcakes, a modern twist on a traditional favorite.  And they have good old Red Velvet Cake!


Last recommendation is for Trattoria Rucola.  A modern/traditional Italian restaurant.  Many varieties of pizza and pasta.  The key point here is fresh.  Made to order pasta and pizza with very fresh local ingredients.  Most of the herbs and greens are grown right on the front patio as you enter the restaurant.

Now of course, the obligatory paragraph about Wodka. There are the well known brands like Chopin and Belvedere and both are very good.  If you want a “real” Polish vodka experience you have to try Zubrowka and Zoladkowa Gorska. 

Zubrowka is the Bison Grass vodka that is made in the north.  The vodka is distilled with a blade of Bison Grass in the bottle.  It is a very light shade of green and tastes of vanilla and cream.  It is best served by the shot ice cold or in a traditional Polish Apple Punch of Zubrowka, apple juice and lime slices over ice.  Zoladkowa Gorska is a bitter herb and orange instilled vodka from the same region of Bialystok as Zubrowka.  The difference is that Gorska is spicy in nature and is just as good warm as it is ice cold and it is a nice sipping vodka. Both of these vodkas are available on line from if you want to try them without going to Poland!
From Minionki Cheetos to traditional Polish Potato Pancakes, you can find anything to suit your appetite in Warsaw.  In the past the restaurants were either Traditional fare; lentil or tomato soup, Chicken or Pork cutlets (usually deep fried) and lots of different ways to eat cabbage and boiled potatoes.  The other option most of the time was Pizza or Italian food which is still very popular here.

Sushi anyone? 

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