Sunday, December 20, 2015

Airports and animals...

Who looks closely at all the things in airports?  I'm learning they are treasure troves of marketing art, kitsch and wildlife.  I know everyone who travels has seen the sparrow in the rafters of an airport terminal somewhere in the world- but did you know Charles de Gaulle has sheep?  In between Terminals 2A and 2F there is a moving sidewalk.  As you float along outside the window is a grassy slope with a family of sheep.  They have a nice little place to sleep and eat and a fairly large grassy area to hang out and feed.  You can even smell them as you go by and yet most people don't appear to even notice them!

Below levels, on the bus line from Terminal 2A and 2F is a rather astonishing hot pink steer fiberglass statue.
In the green space between the Airport Terminal and the Hilton Hotel is a huge rabbit warren.

Then of course there is the Frederic Chopin Warsaw Airport.  Here I found an amazing amount of marketing kitsch that turns into some interesting edited art photos.  Legos and the Zubrowka Bison.  What a combination!

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